Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers below. If your enquiry is not covered by this sections then please submit an enquiry.


  • Does MyCarMatcher save me money?

    MyCarMatcher will not directly save you money, however this service will help you find the best car suited to your wants, needs and finances. If you wish to make a purely financial decision the comparison section will show you the buying and running costs of each car. However MyCarMatcher believes spending a little more sometimes (providing your budget allows) for a car that is more suited to your needs can be better value for money.

  • Why would I use MyCarMatcher when there are excellent online resources?

    MyCarMatcher has been carefully thought out to ensure the most important aspects of purchasing a new car are represented in a clear and concise way. For example, true running costs are often overlooked by car information sources in favour of economy. Our representation of running costs not only includes fuel but servicing, maintenance, repair and tyre costs. This is just one example of how we have made MyCarMatcher a comprehensive service aimed at assisting you with making an informed decision.

  • How can I contact you directly?

    Please send us an enquiry here or email us at

  • How are you confident you can find the right car for me?

    We take your requirements and objectively return all the relevant cars ranked in order of suitability (providing at least one ranking slider has been used). MyCarMatcher's aim is for you to save time finding which cars in the marketplace could suit you. Ultimately test driving one or more cars will enable you to make the best decision. Alternatively if you are not happy with how MyCarMatcher is ranking your matches you can proceed without choosing any ranking factors.

  • What cars do you represent?

    MyCarMatcher represents all new cars available for sale in the UK today by the major manufacturers.

  • Are you biased towards any specific manufacturer?

    MyCarMatcher is a 100% independent service.


  • When I enter my requirements the search returns zero cars?

    If your search returns zero results it is because there are currently no new cars offered by the major manufacturers that meet your requirements. Try using less filters, the tailored bar will help guide your selections.

  • Why do the cars I expect not rank highly?

    If you select multiple preferences you may be surprised which car is most suited to you. This is because MyCarMatcher takes into account all of your preferences and find the best all rounder.

  • I don't understand all the terminology?

    If you are struggling with the terminology, MyCarMatcher has tried to help as much as possible by adding pop out bubbles. All you need to do is hover over or click the information icons on anything you require further clarity on. If a pop out bubble does not exist and you want us to assist, please send us a message here.

  • Why don't you rank for...?

    MyCarMatcher has tried to cover all the common factors. We are interested to hear any suggestions, these can be submitted using our enquiry form.


  • How can I be sure my tailored costs are accurate?

    MyCarMatcher licences the data from industry experts. Their editors are individually picked on the basis of very high levels of expertise in residual value forecasting and Service Maintenance and Repair. All figures shown are estimations based on the current market trends. These are updated on a regular basis.

  • Why don't you show me...?

    We've tried to cover all the important comparison fields. We are interested to hear any suggestions, these can be submitted using the enquiry form.

  • Can I compare less than 3 cars?

    Yes, you can enter compare with 1 car and a maximum of 3.You can also view a single car by clicking the image.

  • Why can’t I read any car reviews?

    Your opinion is the one that matters so you won’t find any marketing focused car reviews on this website. You can read comments from people who have driven or bought the cars they found on this site. You can view these by clicking on the car image, if there are currently no comments then maybe you could be the first!


  • How will I know when my test drive is?

    After you have chosen a suitable time and date, MyCarMatcher will e-mail you confirmation for your final approval.

  • Why do you recommend I test drive more than one car?

    Facts and figures can only help narrow the initial comparison but experiencing more than one car allows you to judge the look, touch and overall driving experience. Only then will this give you the ultimate comparison.

  • Does the test drive cost me anything?

    No, MyCarMatcher is a 100%free, no obligation service for people looking to buy a new car

  • What if I book a test drive and need to reschedule or cancel?

    If you have not accepted the test drive confirmation sent to your email then you can simply decline and request a new date when it arrives. If you have already completed this then you can contact us via the enquiry form.

  • What if I have accepted my test drive confirmation email and need to reschedule or cancel?

    You can contact us via the enquiry form.

  • What do I need to bring on my test drive?

    You will need your driving licence (including paper counterpart) and a copy of your booking confirmation. Please remember to wear suitable footwear.

  • If I want to buy the car do I have to pay MyCarMatcher?

    No, MyCarMatcher is a 100% free service, any transaction that takes place is between you and the franchised dealer.