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Finding your new car has never been simpler. Flicking between different manufacturers websites can be a nightmare. MyCarMatcher holds information on all new cars for sale in the UK today. Use our sliders to match and even rank the best cars available to you. MyCarMatcher will show you everything from standard equipment to estimated running costs.

Once you are happy with your matches feel free to request a quote, main dealers will offer you their best discount price and even deliver the car to your door!

  • MyCarMatcher is an independent car choosing service and are not associated with any car manufacturer
  • Your opinion is the one that matters so you won’t find any marketing focused reviews, just feedback from everyday drivers
  • You will never pay MyCarMatcher a penny

If you are unsure about any function or definitions then please hover over or use the handy information icons that will help guide you through the process. There is more information below or visit our FAQ page



This is designed to help people understand which cars fit their needs by filtering and rank them in term of suitability.


Choose your basic requirements using the on-screen options. This will help narrow your search and our handy tailored indicator will show you how many cars are suitable to you.


Use the sliders to indicate how important each basic car ownership factor is to you. This information will be used to order your matches.

If you use multiple factors to rank, you may be surprised which cars are most suited to you. This is because the Matcher will find the best all rounder and display each score in a star.

'Show all matches' will display all suitable cars and allow you to further tailor your search in the Your Matches section.

'Quick Compare' will allow you to Compare the top 3 matches. The matches are based on these basic filters and ranking factors.

My Matches


This section carries on from the Basic Match section and allows you to further tailor your results.

Clicking the 'Filters' or 'Ranking' button will display the full list of options, you can quick delete selections at any time once minimised or even use the 'reset all' button to start again.

Add cars to the comparison basket by clicking the compare? button, you can compare up to 3 cars at any one time. Once you are ready to compare, the big compare button at the bottom of the page will take you to the compare section.

If you wish to view an individual car you can use the learn more button or simply click on the car image. You can leave comments on cars, read other peoples opinion and share with your friends and family.

The buttons on the left of screen (insert image) will allow you to save, email and share with friends and family to get their opinion or even suggest a new car for them.



The comparison section puts the facts at your fingertips to help you understand the differences between your matches.

If you already have some cars in mind, and want to compare the facts & figures you can jump directly to this section from the homepage.

The graphs at the top can be changed using the (insert icon) to display what is most important to you. This will give you a very quick visual indicator of how the cars compare.

You can switch cars quickly using the (insert icon) to another match or even change the variant of car using the drop down box (i.e. sport to luxury)

The information is split into simple categories that can be expanded or collapsed at the click of a button. If you are unsure of some of the terms then click them and the information pane will update to help you understand.

The buttons on the left of screen (insert image) will allow you to save, email and share with friends and family to get their opinion or even suggest a new car for them.

When you are happy with the cars compared, you can click the 'Book test drive' button and MyCarMatcher will arrange a test drive for you.


The deal section allows you to request a quote on the car and spec of your choice.

ONLY recognised Main Dealers for each brand will quote for your business, providing discounts from RRP with no negotiation!

All your quotes for each request are shown to you in the simple to use deal area

You can still have your car serviced at your local main dealer and it will come with the full manufacturers warranty

The price you recieve will include delivering the car to your home!

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